Pure Passion Media has produced three award-winning documentaries as equipping tools for the Church and as helping tools for those who are sexually broken. Pastors, leaders, counselors and laypeople will all find much-needed help for ministry to homosexuals, transgenders and others. And those who are sexually broken will find expert guidance and many testimonies of those who have found freedom from sexual brokenness through a relationship with God the Father, through Jesus Christ.

"Such Were Some of You: For Those Who Struggle with Homosexuality"

Winner of "Best Documentary" and numerous other awards

"Such Were Some of You" is a 2-hour documentary produced by Mastering Life Ministries that is designed to equip church leaders and laity in how to more redemptively minister to homosexuals who come to our churches. It begins with a contrast between the opinions of people on the street and biblical experts like Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Robert Gagnon and Dr. Neil T. Anderson. Then it moves into interviews with over two dozen former homosexuals (led by Dr. Julie Hamilton) who talk about how they developed homosexual attraction, what the gay lifestyle was really like, how they came to Christ, and what God has done since to bring healing and change to their lives.

Available to screen in churches and conferences, it also comes on DVD in two versions: a Regular Edition and a Leader's Edition (that contains a discussion guide for use in Sunday School classes, home fellowship groups, support groups, seminars, counseling sessions, etc.)

Available on DVD in English, Spanish & Closed Captions in our online store (NTSC - N. America format only)

"How Do You Like Me Now?: When a Child, Parent, Spouse or Sibling Says They're Gay"

Winner of "Best Documentary" and numerous other awards

Sexuality expert Joe Dallas leads us through a field of testimonies from those who have learned that a child, parent, spouse or sibling is gay. While this situation comes with no easy answers (especially when the loved one is resistant to receiving help), this film provides many living examples of how to handle what seems to be an impossible situation. Includes a special interview with radio host and Christian counselor Stephen Arterburn, who tells the story of his gay brother, who died of AIDS.

Available on DVD in English, Spanish & Closed Captions in our online store (NTSC - N. America format only)

"TranZformed: Finding Peace with Your God-Given Gender"

Recently Released & Already Selected by Film Festivals for Consideration for "Best Documentary"

Fifteen ex-transgender individuals join with numerous experts to dispel the confusion and bear witness to what Jesus Christ can do for those who struggle with gender dysphoria.

Available on DVD in English & Closed Captions in our online store (NTSC - N. America format only)